Cases of Outstanding Performance

Bhopal GAS Disaster

The laboratory has proved its importance at the time of Bhopal Gas disaster. The blood samples of gas victims and tissues of deceased were analysed and the presence of cyanide, Methyl Isocyanate, MIC trimer, and other toxicants was determined, which ultimately established the link between death of thousands of victims with union carbide India Ltd., Bhopal.

Susner BHC Case

At the time of golden Jublee of Independence day, sudden panic was observed in the Susner town as hundreds of people fell ill and rushed to hospital. The investigating team of the Institution visited the spot and collected blood samples of the patients and few dead birds. The presence of BHC (Benzene hexachloride) was established in all the samples, which was sprinkled on the road sides and dirty places of densely populated areas, in place of disinfectant sprinkling powder.

Mandideep Birds Cases

In a reputed factory of Mandideep suddenly 300-400 pigeons were died. It created panic in the workers of the factory. The team of Institute investigated the spot, pigeon’s blood were collected and analysed in the laboratory. The cause of death was identified as elevated cyanide and carbonmonoxide levels, which produced as a result of burning of the waste containing plastic refuse.

Medicinal Fraud

The samples of Bhabhut and so called Medicine given by the quacks and Babas for the treatment of Asthama and Arthritis was analysed in the Laboratory and it was proved that all the samples were containing steroids which was responsible for quick relief to the patients and in turn name and fame of the Babas.