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Homide - Throttling not Hanging
(PS-Sultanpur district Raisen EXOP 740/96)

A young female of 18 years old was found in hangingc3-img1.jpg (7134 bytes) position as per parents. She was taken down by parents only. Panchnama lash also states the cause of death as hanging. Postmortem was conducted and opined as CAUSE OF DEATH IS HANGING PROBABLY SUICIDAL. As per postmortem report one ligature mark encircling the neck with knot on right side was found. During investigation it was found to be a suspicious death hence the case was referred to this Institute alongwith all available documents clothings and photographs. Photograph showing there was no such ligature mark and neck was having multiple abrasions around and above thyroid cartilage, which cannot be justified in any condition of hanging but for throttling. Clothings were examined Salwar was having smudging of urine on the buttocks which do indicate the passing of urine in lying position not in hanging otherwise flow should have downward.