Strangulation OR Handing ?

Strangulation OR Handing ?(PS-Kushmunda ,Bilaspur EXOP 181/96)


Deceased Dharmin Bai 19 years old female newly married was found hanging on 23.1.96 with a sari. It was also reported she sustained injuries prior to this incidence as a quarrel with husband. During panchnama ligature mark around the neck as well as a trivial injury overhead was observed. Autopsy surgeon found lacerated wound with linear fracture on occipital bone and opinion expressed as death was due to head injury and nature as homicidal. He has emphatically denied the presence of ligature mark over neck. Supplied photographs do indicate the presence of ligature caused by Sari confirming the hanging and clothings were not having any blood mark suggesting there was no bleeding injury over head. The whole case was categorized as hanging.