Strangulation OR Suicidal Handing ?

Strangulation OR Suicidal Hanging(PS-Bachelli, Bastar EXOP 154/96)

Suicidal Hanging


Deceased was 25 years female and was found hanging inside the carpentry room. Autopsy was conducted and it was expressed that death was homicidal asphyxia secondary to strangulation and hanging. The supplied photographs and other relevant documents it was concluded that the weapon like Saw was used because the wound was described as lacerated incised. c5-img1.jpg (9085 bytes)The wound was not deep but superficial. The ligature was clearly visible above the thyroid cartilage running both the side and was of hanging and antemortem in nature. Passing of foecal matter with support of sign of asphyxia alongwith dribbling of saliva and nasal secretion in hanging position were also observed in photographs. Intact clothing including sari negativate the sign of struggle.