Important Functions & Activities

The survey committee constituted in the year 1964 by the Government of India considered that essential mission of a Medicolegal Institute should be to train the medical Jurists, because for the lack of competent man in India, the application of forensic Medicine has become illusory.

The Mudalier committee in 1962 has also recommended the creation of a separate cadre of specially trained medical jurists to look after the work of the State. An important step in the development of medicolegal services in India would be the establishment of a Central Medicolegal Institute and the State Medicolegal Institutes functioning as Department of Forensic Medicine in Medical Colleges in the Capital city of the States.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a serious note of above recommendation in year 1965. Consequently the Government of Madhya Pradesh in the year 1977 has created the First Medicolegal Institute in India at its capital city Bhopal.