Responsibilities of Medicolegal Institute

Be responsible to give expert opinion in all medicolegal cases referred from the whole state and to conduct Medicolegal necropsies referred to the Institute from Bhopal city and other districts of the State.

To provide assistance in undergraduate and postgraduate education in the subject forensic medicine.

To work in close colloboration with the departments of police, health and justice (Law) to whom it should provide consultative and advisory services, on all relevant technical problems concerning the investigation of crime.

To conduct research and to run training courses to Medical, Police and Judicial Officers.

To give cause of death in unnatural and suspicious death cases.

To examine the scene of crime (Spot examination) which plays an important role in the crime investigation.

The Institute has all functional laboratories viz. Forensic Anatomy, Histopathology, Anthroplogy, Entomology, Toxicology, Photography and Diatom. In addition to this reconstructive and investigative analysis of crime is also one of the important task of the Institute.

The state government has issued instructions 1992 that analysis of viscera and vaginal smear cases of Bhopal District should be conducted in the Institute.

To attend the different court of law of entire M.P. state as an expert witness.