Role of Institute in Bhopal Gas Disaster

Bhopal Gas Disaster

Medicolegal Institute played a very important role in the management of the biggest man made disaster in the history claimed a toll of thousands and hundreds of the thousands to be morbid, that took place at Bhopal when there was a poisonous gas leak from the tank of union Carbide on the night of 2nd/3rd December 1984.

Postmortem were conducted on many hundreds of the dead bodies and an intelligent step was taken by preserving all the body tissues and fluids for the further chemical examination as no body was aware of as to what gas/gases have been inhaled by the people. These preserved tissues at minus 20 degree and minus 70 degree centigrade have now started paying dividends in the form of answers to many of the unreplied questions as a result of chemical examination.

Urinary thiocyanate levels of the gas exposed population levels of the gas-exposed population were found elevated than that of control.

The cyanide levels of blood and tissues collected from dead and living exposed peole during 85-86 were significantly higher than that of control.

The presence of methyl isocyanate and other toxicants was determined in the preserved blood samples of gas victims.