Schemes for Comman Man

The important functions of Medicolegal Institute are very specific and continue to be for the common man utility. The Institute renders scientific opinion in the police cases, which are being referred from the whole state particularly where there is difference of opinion in suspicious death events or common public/aggrieved party is not satisfied with the police investigation and doctor’s opinion. Accordingly when these cases have been referred to the Institute usually the body is not available, only one the basis of documents viz. postmortem report, Panchnama, Morg Information,F.I.R., clothings and Photographs of Scene of Crime etc. The Institute has to draw scientific appraisal coordinating the facts mentioned in the above documents among each other and his supporting evidence. Thus, a justified opinion is being given in each case.

The most important hypothesis of the Institute lies on the fact that "Dead never speaks lie while living persons may speak lie" However the deceased person has low voice, but he need a full satisfaction and faith that he is to be listen sincerely and seriously. In this world there is always a scientific reason behind every phenomenon rather it is being considered as a wonder.

Hence there is always a scientific explanation relating to each evidence found on the scene of crime, on dead body, or on clothings of the deceased. All above points have been carefully taken into account by the Institute for a full scientific analysis in each case. Thus, on many occasions the victim person initiate himself in approaching to the Institute and in several cases the judiciary has praised the Institute by its justified comments.

Institute regularly organize the training courses for Doctors, Police and Judicial personnel on the important Medicolegal issues. Presently, the Director and other senior officers undertake the lectures and training courses for doctors and police people at all the district and division level of the state.

The Institute also enjoys the privilege to participate in various conferences at both national and international levels and a standard class of publication on the subject.