Cases of Outstanding Performance

This laboratory was established basically for conducting the research work but never we felt the need of a unit with greater urgency then the toxicology unit at the time of Bhopal Mass Disaster. This laboratory is equipped with recent advanced analytical instruments like Gas chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, Mass spectrometry, spectrophotometer etc.

Main functions of the laboratory includes the analysis of viscera i.e. various body tissues and fluids and the articles recovered from the scene of crime for the presence of various poisons, toxicants, drugs besides the services are provided to the Hamidia Hospital for clinical toxicology to assist the clinician in ascertaining the line of treatment in the poisoning cases.

Hundreds of the tissues and body fluids of the victims of Bhopal Mass Disaster 1984 have been analysed and the presence of MIC and other toxicants was established. Nearly 1000 viscera cases are being analysed every year for the poisoning.